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We believe that every patient deserves the opportunity to embrace and pursue Peak Health. We are truly honored when patients choose to share their chiropractic journey with us! We invite you to read the testimonials below and witness the amazing achievements our patients have experienced through principled chiropractic care here at Peak Chiropractic!

“Where to even begin with Peak Chiropractic and Dr. Korey. I have been seeing Dr. Korey for a few years and to sum it up, those years have drastically changed my life! Over the last 10 years I had gone to many different chiropractors, in hopes to get relief from pain I was having. No other chiropractor was able to do what Dr. Korey has done for me. I suffered from constant neck pain and upper back pain that would lead into severe headaches and even migraines that were debilitating. Since seeing Dr. Korey, that has all been controlled and managed to give me back a life free of worrying when I would be in so much pain, I could not do anything else but lay in bed. I make it a point every visit to let him know how he is has changed my life in such a positive way, and I truly wish he could be the chiropractor for everyone in need of one! The way he explains the human body, the way your individual body is acting and what he is doing to correct it is incomparable to anyone else. Dr. Korey always has a friendly demeanor and remembers what you had talked to him about from previous visits to continue to improve your wellbeing. I could go on and write a novel about how thankful I am of him, but I think anyone reading this will get the idea. Peak Chiropractic is also very well kept, has a calming atmosphere and the ladies at the front desk are always friendly and ask how you and your family have been. All in all, I love everything about Peak Chiropractic, and I hope to continue having my appointments with them for many years to come!”

“I was researching chiropractors in the Birmingham area who specifically practiced the Gonstead method, visited Dr. Korey and have continued attending Peak Chiropractic for his professional adjustments for myself and family for over two years. My husband has found relief from the residual effects of three previous neck fusions, thanks to Dr. Korey. He has also helped mitigate my migraines, and we are working on managing my scoliosis. Thanks to chiropractic care, my children are healthy, active, and thriving as we started them off on the right foot with this practice. Dr. Korey is a caring physician, providing the opportunity to address all concerns and questions, and is invested in your health journey. He is knowledgeable in his profession and has provided tremendous help to my family and me.”

“I absolutely love Dr. Korey and his staff!! Dr. Korey does not just treat the symptoms, he takes the time to figure out what is causing the issues and the best treatment method. If you have been on the fence about going to a chiropractor, I highly recommend taking that step and giving Dr. Korey a chance. Your body will thank you!”

“This building has needed Dr. Korey for years! He is an amazing chiropractor and does not only focus on the physical part of the body but starts from the inside out. He is concerned about the way things are functioning and your overall health. My family went in and after one visit, I just knew this was going to work and that I would be happy in his care. My 18-month-old son has seen them since he was 3 months old and loves him and their amazing staff. I can say “let’s go see the girls and Dr. Korey” and he runs for his shoes. My husband, son and I highly recommend his office and entrusting them with your issues. The girls that book, schedule and help run things are the sweetest, most helpful ladies. They have all become family. If he ever leaves, we will follow. Thank you Peak team for caring and loving for the community!”

“Dr. Korey Harris is incredible. My husband and I not only trust him with ourselves but also our kids. My son loves Dr. Korey. My anxiety is so much calmer, and my husband has not had a migraine in years after meeting Dr. Korey and learning about the Gonstead method. It has changed our lives!”

“I absolutely love Peak Chiropractic! Dr Koey has helped me feel better and become healthier overall. After years of what was becoming debilitating pain, he has placed me on a path of recovery. He now keeps my son and I feeling our best! I highly recommend Peak Chiropractic! The staff there is amazing and friendly as well!”

“Dr. Korey is unlike any chiropractor I have ever been to! He has a direct and specific approach to his adjustments. He makes sure to do a complete assessment (not a general blind adjustment) at each visit. I had dealt with hip pain for years before I met Dr. Korey. It is completely gone now! I rave about this office to all my friends and family. The staff are amazing and so kind.”

“Unlike any other chiropractor I have ever been to. The staff is so kind and always willing to work around my schedule. Dr. Korey is the best there is. My adjustments are so specific to what I need, instead of just an “all over popping.” The devices he has and the technique he uses is so precise to what my spine needs. I always leave feeling so much better. If you have any kind of back or neck pain, do yourself a favor and book an appointment with him NOW!”

“Excellent care. Could almost not walk after an episode that the VA said required surgery and high-power pain killers to rectify. Peak Chiropractic made accommodations to see me during the busiest time of year after hearing how bad I was. After 2 weeks I could stand up straight and 2 years later I visit Dr. Korey for monthly "tune-ups". They did everything possible to work with my insurance regarding my care only to be told out of network, can't help. That did not stop the staff at Peak, they worked with me on a compromise that doesn't break the bank and keeps getting me the care I have come to enjoy. I call the team at Peak an essential part of the community and miracle workers!”

“Dr. Korey has been my chiropractor for many years. When I started going to him, I was having very frequent migraines. Since starting under his care, I have not had the first one. I highly recommend this practice.”

“Dr. Korey is awesome! His staff is super sweet, and I always look forward to seeing everyone! I have never been to a chiropractor with such a directed and personalized approach and Dr. Korey does just that! 10/10 patient care!!”

“Dr. Korey has greatly helped and continues to help our family. Always attentive and knowledgeable about any issues that arise. He is great with my kids too, who also receive regular adjustments.”

“Dr. Korey Harris and the entire staff at Peak are amazing! They work with me to arrange appointments around my work schedule and always find time for me when I am having an acute flare up. With chronic neck and back problems as well as a recent car accident compounding my neck and back issues, I am so thankful for the care and relief I have been able to receive at Peak Chiropractic! Dr. Korey Harris genuinely cares about my well-being and does everything he can to help me feel better through a variety of techniques including E-stim, a hydro table and more, not just joint manipulation.”

“Dr. Korey is a wonderful chiropractor who works to get to the root of your problems. His staff is amazing and caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Korey to anyone.”

“Doctor Korey Harris is the best chiropractor around. When he first started treating me, I was having lower back pain and sinus problems. His treatments have helped tremendously. His staff is the best at keeping you updated on appointments. You will not find a better support staff. I highly recommend Dr. Korey Harris if you need a great chiropractor.”

“Before I suffered with debilitating migraines every week. After having Dr. Korey work on my neck on a consistent basis my migraines have declined tremendously. Not only is he a skilled doctor but he also cares, and it shows and means a lot. As well as the ladies who work diligently in the office. Their team is wonderful.”

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Korey and his staff. In the time that my family has been under their care, we have had great results. Dr. Korey and his staff provide precise treatment plans based around his specific method of Chiropractic treatment. If you are suffering with aches and pains, you will not be disappointed in paying them a visit.”

“I have been going to Peak Chiropractic for about a year now and Dr. Korey is great and the women out front are all awesome. I like that Dr. Korey listens to me and before he does an adjustment, he will explain what is directly affected by the area that he is addressing with the adjustment.”

“Dr. Korey is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Over the 4 years I have been cared for by him, he has kept me aligned so I can do all that I want to physically. After a major back surgery, I was extremely limited and constantly having issues. Now I feel like I have never had any major back issues. I can lift more at the gym and push my body like never before! I am stronger and healthier than I was before seeing him. He has made such a difference in my life, and I am incredibly grateful for him!”

“We love Peak Chiropractic. Every member of our family has received great care here when needed. Would recommend seeing Dr. Korey. His entire staff feels like family.”

“The staff and Dr. Korey are great! They are the first place that I have been that communicates what the problem is, explain it, and then gets to the root of the problem. I would recommend Peak Chiropractic to anyone having issues with pain or discomfort that wants relief.”

“Absolutely the best chiropractor in the area or the state. He is currently treating our whole family and a lot of our friends. I personally have experienced a major change in my health and wellbeing since I have started being treated by Dr. Korey! His staff is the best and always is willing to work with you the best they can!”

“I absolutely love everyone at Peak! Very clean space and they all make you feel so welcome. Dr. Korey is the best! Do yourself a favor and book an appointment!”

“I am so glad a friend of mine told me to try a chiropractor for my back issues. I was taking something for my back for over 10 yrs. I no longer take anything! I am so happy I found Dr. Korey, and his staff are so awesome!”

“Absolutely one of the best places in the state. From the friendly staff when you first enter to the care and treatment. Was referred by a family member and was not dissatisfied. Feeling better after a few weeks of going!”

“I simply cannot say enough good things about Dr. Korey and his staff. Dr. Korey is very invested in his patient’s well-being and takes the time to explain everything to you.”

“Dr. Korey and the staff are irreplaceable. Dr. Korey keeps the headaches away, and the staff is always very nice and make scheduling extremely easy.”

“My daughter and I love Dr. Korey and his amazing staff! Everyone is welcoming and so helpful. I cannot say enough about my progress since becoming a patient at Peak Chiropractic!”

“Dr. Korey is the best he is always concerned how I am doing he is the best and has helped me tremendously. The staff is wonderful, could not ask for any better, always happy and with a smile. Go check Dr. Korey and his staff out you will not be disappointed.”

“I love Peak Chiropractic. The staff is awesome and Dr. Korey knows what issues I have and adjusts me to make me feel better. No question, no doubt, they are the best!”

“If we could give them more stars we would! My son and I love Dr. Korey and his staff. They go above and beyond to make you feel special. They treat you like family, and it is always a very warm welcome when you walk into the office to the moment you leave. They all would give the shirt off their backs.”

“Absolutely amazing place! Dr. Korey and staff are very professional, nice, and helpful. They are always willing to be flexible with my schedule and have improved my overall health! Highly recommend!”

“Dr. Korey and his staff are amazing. They are so sweet and caring. His office is 45 minutes out of my way, but they are worth it. He is amazing and has helped my pain tremendously. I was taking norco and muscle relaxers for 20 years. Now, I am no longer taking either. Dr. Korey is truly amazing. Love him and his staff.”

“Dr. Korey is the best. He treats our entire family. We highly recommend him to all our family and friends.”

“Since the day I called to make my first appointment, the staff and Dr. Korey have been the kindest I have come across in a long time. Every time I go to the office they are so welcoming and have a great attitude. Tori is great! She even sent me the playlist they listen to during the day because I loved it so much. Dr. Korey always knows exactly what is going on with me and makes me feel at home and like family. They all go above and beyond for their patients.”

Google Reviews help connect our practice with others, expanding the ability of Peak Chiropractic to positively impact the health of our community! Thank you for sharing your chiropractic journey with us!

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